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Interlibrary Loan (ILL) at Old Westbury

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a free service that allows Old Westbury students, staff, and faculty to request articles, books, and other material from other libraries.
  • What is ILLiad? ILLiad is the electronic system you use to request an item through Interlibrary Loan. The name ILLiad can be thought of as an acronym for InterLibrary Loan internet accessible database.


  • What is Primo? Primo is the program that contains the Library Catalog and where a user can see their library account. Items checked out though SUNY Old Westbury can be viewed here.


  • How do I access the ILLiad system? You will be able to access the ILLiad system through the library's homepage under the services tab to place manual requests such as book chapters. Or the Get Full-Text option on the databases for automatically populated request.


  • Who do I contact if I have problems with or questions about ILLiad? Contact the InterLibrary Loan staff at (516) 876-3152 or e-mail to


  • Where do I pick-up my ILL items? ILL items are never delivered to the patron's home or to a faculty member's office. All ILL items are picked up at the library circulation desk. Please follow this page to schedule a pick up.


  • Why did my article request disappear on ILLiad? After 30 days articles expire. Please remember to download and save your article.


  • How do I find the ILLiad Logon screen? There is a link on the library's homepage under the services or go directly to the ILLiad log-on page.


  • When will I receive the requested items? Print material could take two weeks depending on library availability. Electronic resources such articles could be received in a few days depending on library availability. 


  • How will I know the request was filled? You will receive an email or you can check the status on your ILLiad account.


  • How long will it take to get my requested item? Due to possible mail delays as well as processing delays from our lending partners and safety steps we have implemented to protect library staff, your ILL borrowed print materials will take longer than usual for you to be able to pick up,  about two weeks after the date you place your request, or longer depending on where it is coming from. All books that come into the library have to be quarantined for a few days.


  • How long can I keep an item? Electronic articles are on your account for 30 days, then they are removed. Physical items are determined by the lending library; typically physical books can be on loan for 4-16 weeks.


  • Can I renew my book? Renewals are determined by the lending library. Some libraries allow books to be renewed some do not. If you still need a book that could not be renewed please return the book and contact us to help you find another copy. If a renewal is granted you will receive an email with the new due date.


  • How do I return interlibrary loan materials? All physical loans (not articles) obtained through interlibrary loan should be returned to the Library Book drop located in front of the library in the Campus Center. If you unable to get onto campus books can be returned by mail, we recommend sending it with a tracking number.  


  • What kinds of materials can I request? The following materials can only be requested after consultation with ILL staff:  Because we are unable to control what due date a lending library may set for the return of their materials, Interlibrary Loan is not a recommended method for obtaining course textbooks.
    • Books
    • Journal articles
    • DVDs
    • Items from special collections
    • Bound volumes of periodicals
    • Microfiche/microfilm
    • Theses/dissertations (these tend to be difficult to get, but we always try our best!)​​​​


  • How much does interlibrary loan cost? Interlibrary loan is free for our patrons, as the library pays borrowing and shipping costs. If an item obtained through interlibrary loan is damaged or lost, however, you will be charged for the item.


Quick Tip: Forgot your password?

  • If you forget your password contact the ILL office or send an Email:
  • You can also re-set your password from the ILLiad log in page here
  1. On the ILLiad Log in page go to the section that says Forgot Password
  2. Enter your User Name
  3. Select the "Reset Password" button Reset Password
  4. Follow the instructions on the "Change Password" page and select the "Submit Information" button. Change Password
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