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Guidelines for behavior in the Library

The library is a social space, but the nature of that social activity must conform to the purpose of the library, which is to promote the academic success of our students.

1.       Use of library computing equipment. This equipment is provided so that SUNY Old Westbury students can do their course work. If you are a SUNY Old Westbury student who is doing non-academic things (such as Facebook or games), or if you are a visitor, you may be asked to relinquish your computer. If you are asked, you must do so immediately.

2.       Food and drink. Light snacks and drinks, such as chips and coffee, are acceptable so long as you clean up after yourself. Larger and greasier items, such as sandwiches, pizza, ice cream & meal trays, are not permitted. It may not always be obvious what is appropriate but you must respond immediately to staff requests to remove food from the library.

3.       Noise. Different people and different kinds of academic work have different needs. Ideally there would be a variety of spaces. The library is largely one open space at this time so it is quite important that group work be done at low volume with courtesy toward your neighbors. Computer lab areas are not appropriate for group work. Conversation there must be very low and kept to a minimum. Cell phones must be used with the same discretion that applies to in-person conversation. Please put phones on vibrate. It may not always be obvious what is correct but you must respond immediately to staff requests for quiet.