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Sample Labor Related Subject Headings & Search Terms

Below are sample labor related search terms, keywords and subject headings you may find helpful to use when searching for information.   

Search Terms


Labor and globalization

Gender pay gap

Maternity leave

Child Labor

Skilled Labor

Division of labor

Collective labor agreements

Arbitration, industrial

Labor laws and legislation

Labor economics

Labor unions 

Informal sector

Labor movement

Labor policy

Work environment

Working hours

Wages and salaries

Search Terms

Employee rights

Industrial relations

Labor market

Collective bargaining

Comparative industrial relations

Income distribution

Income inequality

Minimum wage

Contracting out

Forced labor

Foreign trade and employment

Globalization--economic aspects

Industrial relations--United States

Women--employment--United States

Working class


Wage differential

Search Terms


Union membership


Labor relations

health benefit plans, employee

Labor standards

Labor disputes

Contract negotiations

Foreign labor

Labor force

Disabled workers

Employment discrimination

Discrimination against older workers

Migrant workers

Sick leave

Employee benefits

Working conditions

Occupational safety