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PH 5900 Senior Seminar (Dr. Sarah Smith)

Google Scholar

Google Scholar searches the Internet for scholarly sources, including peer-reviewed papers, articles, abstracts, books, and theses. It is helpful for tracking down or verifying partial citations.

Google Scholar Search

Adding OW Library Resources To Google Scholar

  1. Update your Google Scholar settings to link to SUNY Old Westbury Library collection.
  2. Go to Google Scholar click the three horizontal bars in the corner to view the menu. 
  3. Click the cog icon to see Settings      ​
  4. Click Library Links and search for SUNY Old Westbury. 
  5. Check the 2 boxes next to "SUNY Old Westbury" links. Then click 'Save'.
  6. 'Available at OW' link or the 'PDF' option will now appear next to articles in your search results.  Click on it to see if we have the article in our collection.