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Jack Hammers have been here

What was the Audiovisual Department and rooms 100 - 110 will become a compact shelving area. In order to support the weight of the shelving a stronger floor has to be created; hence the old floor is removed.

Use of printed books has declined. On the other hand, we have a good, liberal arts college collection that will long be unavailable or unaffordable electronically (and, of course, sometimes you want to hold a book). Most of our books will be cleaned and cared for on compact shelving, although some traditional shelving will remain.

The Reference Department disappears

Shelves for reference books, the "S" table for computers, and the Reference & Interlibrary Loan office (& all that ugly orange carpet) go.

Most of our reference material is electronic now. The renovated Reference Department will be smaller and repositioned. The current reference area will become a general library computer area, larger and better furnished than what we have had, with great views across the lawns.

Don't let this come between us

Temporary walls separate construction areas from working library space. When the first phase is finshed we will switch sides.

Did you ever have a class in L100?

So long, reference

If you find the end to the maze you get a piece of cheese

...or see a film in L107?

Above the "goose hatchery" (the views will be great when renovated)

The march of the walls

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