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Curriculum Materials Center: Our Collection

About Our Collection

The Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) provides a library collection of representative curriculum materials used by teachers and students in P-12 classrooms. Our collection contains P-12 curriculum materials in a variety of formats covering all major subject areas: social studies, reading, language arts, health, music, art, mathematics, science and technology. Specialized areas such as Spanish, Bilingual Education and Exceptional Education are covered as well.

Materials in the collection include:

Children's & Young Adult Literature

K-12 Textbooks & Supplementary Materials

Curriculum Guides

Teaching Activity Books

P-12 Magazines

Educational Kits, Manipulatives, Realia & Games

Tests & Measures

Maps & Posters

SUNY Old Westbury Library, Old Westbury, NY 11658
(516) 876-3150