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FAQ's concerning OA and OW The types of OA & the publishing cycle.



FAQ's Open Access Task Force

Q.        What is Open Access (OA)?

A.        Open Access (OA) refers to the practice of making products of scholarly research and creative activities available to public without charging a fee. There are two types of Open Access (OA):

Gold Open Access: In Gold OA, an author publishes an article as open access so that the publication can be freely distributed. Some journals are open access (OA) and others offer an open access (OA) option. The author typically has to pay a hefty fee to publish as Gold OA.

Green Open Access: Green OA refers to the practice of self-archiving, in which an author shares their published or pre-published works through a personal website or institutional/professional repository, to the extent the publisher permits. Unlike Gold OA, publishers do not charge for Green OA, but they typically impose restrictions in term of timing (a.k.a., embargo) and the version (some only allow for a pre-referred or pre-publication version) of sharing.

Q.        How is Open Access (OA) different from Open Educational Resources (OER)?

A.        Open Access (OA) initiatives in higher education are typically concerned with the public distribution of scholarly and creative productions. OER typically refers to the use of open source materials (materials you can use, edit and redistribute for free of charge) for teaching.

Q.        What is the OW Open Access Task Force doing?

A.        The Open Access Task Force is charged with drafting an Open Access Policy for SUNY Old Westbury. SUNY Open Access Policy  mandates that each campus create a campus repository for Open Access (OA) and each campus develop policies regarding the related content, management and work flows. SUNY Open Access Policy requires SUNY campuses to prepare their Open Access Policy by March 31, 2020. For more information about SUNY Open Access Policy visit:

Q.      Will I be required to submit my publications to OW repository?

A.       To be determined. Each SUNY campus gets to decide how its faculty participates in the  Open Access repository.

Q.        Will SUNY or the College own the copyright if I submit my publication to the repository?

A.         No. SUNY Old Westbury simply provides the online space for free, public distribution of your work. You still retain ownership and complete control of the copyright in your writings, subject only to this prior permission. You can exercise your copyrights in any way you see fit, including transferring them to a publisher if you so desire.

Q.        How will the task force create the policy? What is going to happen from now until March 2020?

A.        The Ad-Hoc committee will develop an OA policy for Old Westbury, through shared- governance.

Registry of Open Access Repository Mandates and Policies (ROARMAP) See the hundreds of Universities in the United States with open access policies.