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Current Articles on Financial Literacy

An Innovative Approach to Improving Financial Literacy of College Students.
By: Borden, James P. Business Education Innovation Journal. Dec2021, Vol. 13 Issue 2, p70-75. 6p.

Financial (il)literacy vs. individual's behavior: evidence on credit card repayment patterns.
By: Barboza, Gustavo; Bongini, Paola; Rossolini, Monica. Financial Services Review. 2021, Vol. 29 Issue 4, p247-276. 30p.

The relationship between objective financial knowledge, financial management, and financial self-efficacy among African American students.
By: White, Kenneth; Park, Narang; Watkins, Kimberly; McCoy, Megan; Morris, Joycelyn. Financial Services Review. 2021, Vol. 29 Issue 3, p169-185. 17p.

Universities Implement Initiatives to Advance Student-Athlete Financial Literacy, Navigate NCAA Name, Image, and Likeness Policies. 
By: Cliburn, Erik. INSIGHT into Diversity. Mar2022, Vol. 98 Issue 6, p28-28. 1p.

Where Knowledge Meets Perceptions: Emerging Adults and Their Perceptions of Financial Knowledge.
By: Tenney, Jacob; Kalenkoski, Charlene M.; Serido, Joyce; Shim, Soyeon. Journal of Personal Finance. 2021, Vol. 20 Issue 2, p89-102. 14p.

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