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Common Questions

LibKey Nomad is a fairly new option for SUNY Old Westbury affiliates. Additional questions and answers will be added over time.

Does LibKey Nomad work for every site/database/article? No. LibKey Nomad uses an item's DOI to retrieve full text options. It cannot retrieve items with no DOI. Additionally, LibKey Nomad is currently configured to work only with selected scholarly websites, and not on the web in general.

Does using LibKey Nomad mean I won't have to log in to access articles anymore? It will still prompt you to authenticate with SUNY Old Westbury the first time you use it (each session), but after that it should authenticate automatically until you start a new browser session.

Does LibKey Nomad only work with SUNY Old Westbury Library subscription materials? No, it also uses Unpaywall to find free versions of articles that are not part of the SUNY Old Westbury Library's subscriptions.

Who can help?

If you need more help using LibKey Nomad at SUNY Old Westbury, please reach out to the Digital Initiatives Librarian, Christa DeVirgilio .

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Christa Devirgilio
Library (Campus Center)
Office: L-220
(516) 876-3472