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Alma Migration: Home: Governance

This guide will house information about Alma specific to SUNY Old Westbury migration process.


The SUNY Libraries Consortium (SLC) has created a task force to oversee the migration process. That Task Force is charging 8 working groups to handle the details of the transition, Metadata StandardsAccess Services, Analytics, E-resource management, Training, Discovery, Acquisitions, Systems. These groups will work on the difficult problems of migrating bibliographic and patron data, setting system-wide policies, and establishing new workflows.

The SLC has also hired a project director, Shannon Pritting and 2 project managers, Heidi Webb and Kristy Lee to manage the planning and implementation.

Library Services Platform Task Force | Charge | Meeting Minutes and Other Documents

  • Shannon Pritting, SUNY Poly, Chair
  • Greg Carr, Sullivan CC
  • Shafeek Fazal, Stony Brook
  • Angela Rhodes, Morrisville
  • Joe Riggie, Buffalo State
  • David Schuster, Binghamton
  • Maureen Zajkowski, OLIS

LSP Implementation Project Management Team

  • Shannon Pritting, SUNY Poly, Project Director
  • Heidi Webb, College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Project Manager
  • vacant, Project Manager
  • LSP Task Force Members
  • Chairs of each Working Group

Data Migration Task Force | Charge | Meeting Minutes and Other Documents

  • Wendy West, University at Albany, chair
  • E.K. Lee – Oneonta
  • Jason Parker – Buffalo
  • Richard Wisneski – Buffalo
  • Marian Stern – Binghamton
  • Sandy Card – Binghamton
  • Lauren Jackson-Beck – Potsdam
  • Maureen Zajkowski – OLIS
  • Shafeek Fazal – Stony Brook
  • Kenneth Wierzbowski – Brockport

SUNY Metadata Standards and Policies Working Group Charge | Meeting Minutes and Other Documents

  • Jennifer Smathers, Brockport, Chair
  • Megan Coder, New Paltz
  • Laura Evans, Binghamton
  • Jennifer Frys, University at Buffalo
  • Katie Jezik, Hudson Valley Community College
  • Gail Pawlowski, OLIS
  • Nancy Poehlmann, University at Albany

Access Services and Resource Sharing Working Group Charge | Meeting Minutes and Other Documents

  • Nancy Abashian, Binghamton, Chair
  • Nicole Colello, University at Buffalo
  • Jennifer Devito, Stony Brook
  • Jeff Goldstein, University at Albany
  • Rose Hare, Jefferson Community College
  • Bill Jones, IDS Project and OLIS
  • Carrie Marten, Purchase

E-Resources Management Working Group Charge | Meeting Minutes and Other Documents

  • Marianne Hebert, Potsdam, Chair
  • Cheng Cheng, Oneonta
  • Susan Davis, University at Buffalo
  • Stephanie Hess, Binghamton
  • Jill Locascio, Optometry
  • Colleen Lougen, New Paltz
  • Jessica Tagliaferro , Westchester Community College
  • Jan Waterhouse, University at Albany

Acquisitions Working Group | Charge | Meeting Minutes and Other Documents

  • Sarah Maximiek, Binghamton, Chair
  • April Davies, Cobleskill
  • Jin Xiu Gou, Stony Brook
  • Marianne Foley, Buffalo State
  • Leslie Preston, Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Susanna Van Sant, Tompkins Cortland
  • MaryEllen Donathen, University at Buffalo

Training Working Group Charge | Meeting Minutes and Other Documents

  • Jan Waterhouse, Albany, Chair
  • Sara Davenport, Cayuga
  • Ellen McGrath, University at Buffalo
  • Pamela O’Sullivan, Brockport
  • Karen Gardner-Athey, OLIS

Systems Working Group | Charge | Meeting Minutes and Other Documents

  • Marc Bayer, Buffalo State, Chair
  • Kevin McCoy, Suffolk
  • Rebecca Hyams, Maritime
  • Parker O'Mara, Plattsburg
  • Juan Denzer, Oswego
  • Mark Sullivan, Geneseo
  • Uday Karki, Stony Brook
  • Peter Barvoets, Cobleskill
  • Meiling Jiao, Albany, University at
  • Kevin Michki, Fredonia
  • Jennifer Kronenbitter, Cortland