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BU5120 Entrepreneurship (Prof. Simms): Home

Entrepreneurship Research: Get Started on the Right Foot!

Books: To get a list of good entrepreneurship materials, check out the "books" link.  Even better, search OWLCat, Old Westbury Library's catalog for books.  Try using search terms such as "leadership" and "management".  Other terms such as "franchising" can be useful.

Business News and Articles: Get the latest business news by searching the Old Westbury Library's databases and the internet.  With the internet you always have to be careful.  Web sites such as BloombergCNN Money, MarketWatch, Yahoo! Finance are good places to start on the internet.

Professional Association Web Sites: Learn more about entrepreneurship by taking a look at some professional associations.  Often these sites are a treasure trove of information and data.  Click on "Web Sites & Associations" to learn more.

Research a CEO: Find a CEO that interests you.  It could be Jack Welch, Warren Buffett, or Meg Whitman.  Then read about how their entrepreneurial style influenced a company.

Think Outside the Box: Entrepreneurship relates to psychology, sociology, as well as other business areas.  It's a rather inter-disciplinary subject that cuts across a wide range of subjects.  Where do you search outside of business databases?  Take a look at PsycINFO and Sociological Abstracts.

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